AZOMIN (21+0+0) Liquid


T.C. Ministry of Agriculture License No.: 292 / Registration No.: 3861

AZOMİN liquid nitrogen fertilizer which contents organic matters. It provides needed nitrogenous and organic matters. Because of the organic matter deficiencies of the Turkish soils plants suffer from development disorders and sensitive against the plant diseases.

This product can improves soil organic structures and makes the plants strengthen by its triple Nitrogen contents (ammonium, nitric and ureic nitrogen).


( W / W)

Total Organic matters (N)


Total Nitrogen (N)


Organic Nitrogen


Nitric Nitrogen (N)


Ammonium Nitrogen (N)


Ureic Nitrogen (N)


Chlorine (Cl)


PH Level


Packing: 1 Lt, 5Lt, 20 Lt

Open Field Vegetables

 1.5 Lt/da

200 cc/100 Lt 

Fruit Trees

 2-2.5 Lt/da

250 cc/100 Lt 

Citrus Trees

 2-2.5 Lt/da

250 cc/100 Lt 


 1.5-2 Lt/da

200 cc/100 Lt 

Field Crops    

 1,5-2 Lt/da 

250 cc/100 Lt 


 1.5-2 Lt/da 

250 cc/100 Lt